Tensile Membrane Structures

When designing and manufacturing a 'tensile membrane structure'  project, our biggest aim is to deliver a construction which will follow the architectural demands of the area, and at the same time to ensure that the construction will easily resist to all weather conditions.

Our company's project-procedure includes the following steps:

A) design and 3D photorealistic presentation of the construction

B) structural analysis of the membrane and of the supporting metallic construction

C) Detailing: includes the detailed design and production of all the metallic parts for the membrane and the supporting frame

D) Patterning: includes the cutting of the fabric-roll in layers, in such a way that the welding of these layers will give the final membrane shape

E) assembly of all the metallic parts onto the membrane (end-plates, internal cables, terminals, etc)

F) on-site installation. Includes the construction of the concrete foundations (if needed) as well as the installation of the metallic supporting frame and the membrane installation with the desired level of tension.

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