Recommended use:
• cassette awnings and foldable shading systems
• shade sails
• Caravita parasols

Sattler Elements collection

Dickson Orchestra collection

Caravita Acrylic collection

Recommended use:
• foldable, open-type, awnings
• fixed awnings due to good resistance against rain

Ten-Cate collection

Recommended use:
• tensile membrane structures
• permanent constructions
• gazebos
• retructable tunnels (Ready Box series)
• retructable pergola systems (Jumbo, Motion, Skybridge)

Dickson Plein-Air Collection

Ferrari Precontraint 502 Collection

Ferrari Precontraint 702 Collection

Sattler Polyplan 716 Collection

Poly RS Collection

Recommended use:
• façade shading systems
• skylight and winder-garden shading systems
• membrane structures (Soltis 92 collection)

Ferrari Soltis 92 Collection

Ferrari Soltis 86 Collection

Ferrari Soltis 96 Collection

Dickson Sunworker Collection

Mermet Sunscreen Satine' 5500 Collection

Recommended use:
• small and medium size membrane structures
• shade-sails
• car-park shades

Sauleda Commercial 95 collection